Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Comment on Draft Bike Maps

Help edit the next version of the Salem-Keizer bike map!

The drafts the Vision 2020 group saw last week are now posted to the MWVCOG/SKATS site.

Here's a better clip of the one that focuses on comfort and suitability. Ray says:
PDFs of the draft Salem-Keizer and Three County bike maps that were presented and discussed at the Vision 2020 Bicycle/Pedestrian meeting on November 2nd are now available at the MWVCoG’s website.

These three maps are in this folder:

1) SKATS Bike Map : Salem-Keizer area map with shoulder and traffic volume information

2) Tri-county Should Bike Map : Marion, Polk and Yamhill County map with shoulder and traffic volume information

3) SKATS Area Suitable Locations/Routes : Salem-Keizer area map with the bike routes depicted as “most suitable”, “moderately suitable” and “less suitable”

These maps do not reflect any of the suggested changes from the meeting on Wednesday. The suggested changes include revising the colors, creating a “not recommended” label for a subset of routes, and zooming in (on the Salem-Keizer area map).

Please send and corrections to me (rjackson [at] mwvcog [dot] org) by November 30th, including whether you have a preference for either the “suitable” or “full information” map style, or if you have routes that should be included in the “not recommended” category.

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