Thursday, April 18, 2013

100s of Trees Still at Risk in Council's Latest Third Bridge Plan

On Monday City Council will hold a public hearing on the massive tree removal project also known as "the Third Bridge."

Tree Removal at Edgewater and Murlark
It would take out hundreds of trees in parkland, wetland, and river bank environments. It would also take out street trees in the Highland neighborhood and along Edgewater in West Salem.

100s of Trees along Edgewater, in Wallace Park,
and around McClain Island would be removed
with Giant Bridge and Highway
Additionally, it would make Keizer Station and the Woodburn outlet mall the preferred shopping destination for many, especially those in West Salem and Polk County, by-passing downtown as a shopping destination.

(For more on the River Crossing / Third Bridge see a summary critique and all breakfast blog notes tagged River Crossing. The No Third Bridge advocates also have lots of useful information.

The Staff Report and recommendation for City Council was presented to Council on Monday, April 8th, and a public hearing is scheduled for Monday the 22nd at 6:30pm.

If you like trees in Salem, please write your City Councilor about this massive tree removal project.)

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Jim Scheppke said...

Great point SBOB! Lots of people were very concerned about the removal of a few downtown trees this week, but how about the hundreds that would fall to built the 3rd Bridge? The new staff proposal shoots a 5-laner all along the perimeter of Wallace Marine Park. That one piece of the project would take out a huge number of trees. Please, please, if you care about trees, come to the public hearing at City Hall at 6:30 pm Monday to be heard. Go to the NO 3rd Bridge Facebook page for more information.