Tuesday, April 30, 2013

West Salem Urban Renewal Board to Discuss Third Bridge Wednesday

On Wednesday the first, the West Salem Redevelopment Advisory Board will be discussing the Third Bridge.

We love West Salem, and especially love Edgewater, and we know you've put in lots of time and energy on revitalizing the district. We wouldn't think of doing anything that might harm that. You can be sure we'll do everything we can to protect your efforts here.  We care, we really do. Trust us.

Right? Isn't this the way the conversation's going to go?

All the buildings between West Side Station and old City Hall:  Gone
But the bridge plans, no matter how they try to spin them, contain a giant system of ramps and viaducts for the bridges and Highway 22.

Old Morton's and Crooked House:  Gone

Mel's Stoves and the Others:  Gone
The "conversation" will be just be one great fabrication and feint.  Existing businesses will be swept away for an incredibly sterile wasteland of concrete and asphalt.

None of the Edgewater Action Plan's Vision and Main Street Concept
is compatible with the devastation wrought
by the ramps and viaducts of a 3rd Bridge
And instead of gradual redevelopment, it will be what Jane Jacobs called "catastrophic money" and total clearance - not change that's organic, fine-grained, and responsive to market conditions and changing demographics.

WSRAB meets at 7:30am on Wednesday the 1st, in the West Salem Public Library, 395 Glen Creek Road NW.  (Agenda here.)

Lawn Signs!

No Third Bridge reports they have lawn signs available.  If you have a location near a high traffic road or intersection, hook up with them and give the issue more visibility!

For more on the River Crossing / Third Bridge see a summary critique and all breakfast blog notes tagged River Crossing. The No Third Bridge advocates also have lots of useful information and are organizing speakers at City Council on March May 13th. 

Update, noon

The City has a page now for the connecting trail between the Union Street Railroad Bridge and Glen Creek. On it is marked the right-of-way for Marine Drive/OR 22 Connector.

Why are we building this path if we plan to obliterate it in a few years?
(click to enlarge)

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