Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sunday Streets Announcement Contrasts Gloriously with Construction Mess Piece

Love, love, love the front page today!

"Cars, man, why?"
Above the fold with the main headline is a tale of congestion woes and construction and car cares.

Salem Sunday Streets Coming Sept 8th!
And below the fold is the first public announcement about Salem's own Sunday Streets event, scheduled for September 8th.

Lots of work has been going on behind the scenes on this and, as the story suggests, some downtown merchants still apparently haven't been notified so they can be involved, so its appearance in the paper might yet have been premature.

But that's ok. It's a great concept and people are sure to enjoy it.  The matter will go to Council on the 22nd. It also is giving visibility to the importance of State Street as the gateway to Riverfront Park.

And you could hardly ask for a better illustration contrasting the joys of bicycling and the perils and social costs of autoism.

It's an open-and-closed case.

Thanks, SJ!

Update, July 21

Here's the route.

From Wallace to the Capitol - No Cars on State Street!

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Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Maybe I should have included a description for those who don't necessarily know what an "open streets" even is. So here you go:

"Salem Sunday Streets is an open streets initiative that will temporarily close State Street to vehicle traffic and open it up for people on foot, bike, skateboard, roller blades — anything not motorized....

on Sept. 8 Salem will have a two-mile route installed for about 5 hours, connecting Wallace Marine Park and the state Capitol.

The course will run through Riverfront Park and down State Street and feature a legion of activities: bocce ball, disc golf, a climbing wall, yoga, Zumba and bicycle safety skills classes, bike repair workshops, a farmers market with food vendors and community garden demonstrations, bike spinning art, free admission to Hallie Ford Museum of Art, interactive land-use planning art project, community health oriented stations and live theater and music."