Monday, May 8, 2017

First Look at State Transportation Package, Council Approves TNCs

The Legislature shared a first look at a proposed transportation package earlier this evening. Here are the first articles about it:
There's a lot of highway widening and "congestion relief" but not a lot about carbon dioxide pollution, climate change, and making it easier not to drive. We'll see. More will come out about it, and there will be more to say later.

At the Congress for New Urbanism:
TNCs add traffic, erode transit
(CNU25 in Seattle, via Twitter)
This evening Council voted to move forward with TNCs. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

Update, Wednesday May 10th

There's a nice opinion piece from John Miller of Wildwood/Mahonia in the paper today!

Update 2, also the 10th

The Committee is again meeting this evening to discuss the concept, and in thinking about it, it seems wildly unbalanced still, with a tremendous autoist bias. Safe Routes gets $10 million annually, paths outside the right-of-way get $15 million annually, but mostly it's road expansion for about $500 million annually ($5 billion over a decade).

Collaged (with comments in red)
from the May 8th slide deck and presentation
Maybe as they flesh out more detail and even modify some of it, it will seem more balanced, but at the moment, it's table scraps still for non-auto travel.  It's also not really very coherent, and instead is an awkward political compromise: "A camel is a horse designed by committee" and all that!

And some reaction to the Wednesday meeting:


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