Thursday, August 17, 2017

Windows into History at Moore Building of 1924

from 1948
The Historic Landmarks Commission meets this evening* and they will consider a proposal to replace windows on the Arthur Moore building. The Staff Report recommends approval, and it doesn't seem like there's anything important to say on that matter.

New Windows for Arthur H. Moore Building on High Street
However! Arthur Moore is of special interest here because he was an important early bike dealer. (He provides a "window" into transportation history!)

You can read more here and here.

There's more than just buggies, autos, and trains!
Along with Scott's Cycle, the Otto J. Wilson building, and the Hauser Bros. tile entry at Wild Pear, the Moore building is a tangible link to 19th and early 20th century bicycling and the fully mixed transportation ecosystem we used to enjoy.

No agenda
* The City's new website launched back in April. Maybe it looks better, and it is indeed tabletized for mobile devices, but whatever combination of software and internal processes they are using for posting seems to have diminished the amount of information the City publishes, actually.

Up until mid-morning today "an agenda for this meeting is not yet available."

They hadn't posted any Staff Reports either.

This is not something limited to the HLC. Agenda and meeting packets for other committees, boards, or projects are not always posted in a timely fashion, and sometimes it seems they are never posted.

Enough time has elapsed that it's probably time to be more vocal about these omissions or untimely additions.

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Susann said...

The person at City of Salem IT that I was referred to about content was Kenny Larson 503-588-6363 ext. 6363

They advertise on the website that we should contact IT when we have an issue or want to make a suggestion.

I find it super hard to find anything and often have to go back to the old webpages to find anything. I do not know if they plan to link the two at some point, but I sure would hate to lose all the past documents to this change.

I hear more and more people with complaints....even City Councilors.

I am sure that if we are specific about what we want/need that they will try to accommodate the public.