Thursday, December 27, 2018

New 260 State Street Building and Tree Preservation both at HLC Next Month

Hey, lookie here! It's the first public rendering of the proposed apartment building on the corner of State and Commercial, that empty gravel lot across from Ladd & Bush and Pioneer Trust.

The Historic Landmarks Commission will hold a formal Major Historic Design Review on January 17th. This is a nice note at the end of 2018 and for the start of 2019.

Proposal for 260 State Street
At a glance, the building looks to be one story taller than Pioneer Trust, but also to take strong cues from it, and that little cornice at the top of the 5th floor will echo the cornice on Pioneer Trusts' own 5th and top floor. On 3- and 4-window bay spacing there's nice articulation with the recess and contrasting brick. And the ground floor has a strong contrasting base with inviting storefront windows.

Nothing flashy, but a strong nod to the early 20th century streetcar era.

At least that's how I read it.

Soon there will be things here! (from 2014)

There used to be things there
There will be more to say when the Staff Report and more of the plans come out. One of the elements will be a parking permit program, and the Historic District may impose additional conditions. But geez, this is would be so much better than the bank drive-thru proposed earlier in the decade!

Tree Preservation

Back in the early fall of 2017 you might recall a note about some Sequoias near Chemeketa and 17th.
Last month the City denied an application to remove them.

And on also the 17th of January, the full Historic Landmarks Commission will hear an appeal.

Update, October 2021

After the denial in January of 2019, last month the owners finally satisfied the City's requirements to take out the two Sequoia trees.

Approval for removal

Update 2, June 2022

Apparently the house was sold in 2020, and the new owner now faces more expensive permits under the recently revised tree code, since these are "significant" trees. But otherwise there is little new information of substance in the update.

June 2022


Cindy Brost said...

So the trees will get to stay there?i hope so

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

After a few years of trying, the owners finally satisfied the City's requirements for evidence, and the City approved removing the trees.

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

(Added brief note on new front page story on the trees, which are pretty clearly coming down some time.)