Monday, December 24, 2018

Salemite Helps with Pets Displaced by Camp Fire

Here's a great Holiday story!

Jean's bicycling is central
Jean Brougher is a central figure, a hub for connections really, in several of Salem's bicycling and bike-adjacent social networks.

She operates a B & B that is especially bike-friendly, the Century Bed and Breakfast on 17th Street just off State Street.

She's active with the Salem Bicycle Club, frequently has led rides, and at the October meeting talked about a trip from Chicago to DC this summer.

SBC's summary of Jean's travelogue
And she's committed to a mobility mix that's purposefully light on car travel:
Perhaps her biggest sacrifice was getting behind the wheel of her minivan, which is outfitted with a cot and has tubs and hampers stowed underneath.

She logged 275 carless days in 2018 and is the frontrunner in Salem Bicycle Club’s annual competition.

“The less I drive the less I want to drive,” said Brougher, whose primary mode of transportation is a bike.
The focus of the story is on the disruption caused by the wildfires in California and her work at animal shelters caring for pets and helping owners reunite.

But she has a rich life of many dimensions more than merely that.

Check it out! And if you have a chance to meet her, be sure to do so.

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