Sunday, December 2, 2018

City Council, December 3rd - Two Park Actions

Council meets early this month, on the first Monday, because the second Monday will have the Public Hearing on the appeal for the Costco move, the third Monday will have a Work Session on garbage, and the fourth Monday is Christmas Eve.

This meeting agenda is a little thin. We'll just note in passing two park actions and the election.

Just south of Hillcrest, park area in light blue
You might remember the proposal for a new park at Reed and Battle Creek Roads. Council will receive an information report on the Planning Administrator decision for a partition of the parcel into the park plot and a larger plot to be developed. But this is just a small moment in that process and does not seem to point to anything new.

In another information report, the Hearings Officer approved a City application to rezone the park parcel at Riverfront Park from South Waterfront Mixed-Use to Central Business District. This works better for the park expansion and amphitheater. This also is a small moment in the process and does not seem to point to anything new.

There is also the formal canvass of the votes. Councilor-elect Leung will indeed be sworn in for Ward 4, and Mayor Bennett and Councilors Andersen, Hoy, and Lewis were re-elected.

Do you see something more interesting?

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Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Over on FB, the Mayor said:

"The city librarian and a member of the library board will be at tonight’s City Council meeting to explain what’s going on."