Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Mystery of Pinckney Stop in West Salem on Railroad: It was a Dairy

On and around the Union Street Railroad Bridge are a number of historical interpretive signs. One of them showed a stop or station named "Pinckney" in the current area of Wallace Marine Park.

Pinckney Stop in West Salem
This has for a while been a minor mystery. The compilers of the signage didn't seem to know and said only that "The present Wallace Park area was identified by the railroad as Pinckney."

Three dairies in Salem - June 1st, 1918
(There might be others who did not advertise)
There was, it turns out, a dairy at the foot of the bridge. Sometimes it's called the Clover Leaf Dairy operated by the Pickney Bros., and other times it's called the Pickney Bros. Dairy. Still other times it picks up that additional "n" and is the Pinckney Bros. I'm not sure which is the correct spelling, and a complete history is not possible just now.

They appeared in the news especially in the late fall of 1918, having fallen on hard times and going into receivership in December of 1918.

Pinckney Bros goes into receivership
December 13th, 1918

Notice for the sale
December 18th, 1918

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