Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Center Street Bridge Seismic Retrofit Update at MWACT

Ordinarily there's not a lot on the MWACT agenda for us, but tomorrow the 6th, there is an update on the Center Street Seismic project.

Update at MWACT
The Mid-Willamette Valley Area Commission on Transportation is a regional advisory commission to the Oregon Transportation Commission. It's area is Marion, Polk, and Yamhill counties.

They'll be getting an update from ODOT on the bridge reinforcement. The materials in the meeting packet are only this single page, but some bits are worth notice:
  • Reinforcement to a Magnitude 8, but not Magnitude 9, standard. 
  • Does not retrofit the bike/walk sidepath
  • Does not include reinforcement of the 24" water line attached to the bridge
So again, the cost escalation and the explicit design limits here are evidence that the estimate for the much longer SRC over a greater extent of unstable soils of $425 million was wildly under-estimated for political purposes and for public acceptance.

MWACT meets Thursday the 6th at 3:30pm in Courthouse Square, the Senator Hearing Room, 555 Court St NE.

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