Friday, June 28, 2019

Thanks Especially to Kathy Lincoln on her Cherriots Retirement

One of the consequences of all the politics around new funding for Cherriots is that the Board will be appointed by the Governor. Next month Cherriots will have four new Board Members, who will serve admirably. As this note from Cherriots suggests, there will be a generational shift and Cherriots will lose a great deal of institutional knowledge. There will be benefits to youth and fresh perspectives, of course, but the loss will also be real.

Biking and walking more than transit is the focus here, and so three of the four have contributed in ways that have regrettably not been visible for our interests and attention. But Kathy Lincoln's contributions to critique of the Salem River Crossing's folly have been important and should be singled out. She also served on the Policy Committee of our MPO, SKATS, and was often an important voice of dissent and critique when they were going down their autoist roads.

It is, then, a little unfair to Directors Kelley, Thompson, and Evans, and maybe you will know more about their particular accomplishments, but Director Lincoln deserves our special thanks for her focus on rational transportation and anti-boondoggularity. Cheers and Thanks!

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Jim Scheppke said...

Thanks for this recognition for Kathy. You are right on. Serving on the SKATS Policy Committee was a very difficult assignment, given the makeup of the rest of the Committee. She did an admirable job despite being in the minority most of the time. And she played a key, behind the scenes, role in the successful LUBA appeal of the 3rd Bridge land use decisions. I wished Kathy lived in Salem and not in Keizer so she could serve us in another capacity. Thank you Kathy!