Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Deadly, Dirty, and Costly: Three Recent Views of our Autoism

Today: Cars are Costly

Yesterday: Cars are Deadly

Saturday: Cars are Dirty


Mike said...

I think that one of the blindspots that EV supporters have is that they think all environmental problems will disappear if we can just decarbonize our transportation system. But the problem of bad design, pedestrian/bicyclist fatalities, loss of open space and farmland, an impediment to travel for those who can't afford a car the environmental cost of mining materials for batteries and lack of funds to maintain the roads and streets all remain.

I hope that the State and cities realize this and we can get about building a world class commuter rail system in the Willamette Valley. The State should do the same in the Rogue Valley and near Bend.

Walker said...

EV supporters are just the next iteration of the “We can keep this going with different fuels” nonsense, like the agrofuels (biofuels) scammers, wanting to be able to preserve the status quo even while the cost of the status quo becomes intolerable — but mostly for others, so it’s all good. Just as the agrofuels scam was always about preserving the dominance of autos (and internal combustion), the EV boosters are all about preserving the auto as the center of American life. So long as they convince themselves that the status quo can keep going with different fuels, then the alternatives are crippled (and billions more dollars spent trying to prop up the status quo to serve autos).