Sunday, September 1, 2019

Carpenters', Street Car Men, and Printers' Unions Led Labor Day in 1919

100 years ago three Salem unions led the celebration.

August 30th, 1919, page six

Unions for carpenters, street car men, and printers
led the way. September 1st, 1919
But as Labor Day approached, indeed all through 1919, the rhetoric of the "Red Scare" was a potent force as Capital sought to diminish and control Labor's power. Governmental power was also brought to bear against strikers.

Front page, August 28th, 1919
Front page, August 30th, 1919

Front page, August 30th, 1919
There had already been a phone strike here over the summer.

July 3rd, 1919
July 22nd, 1919
Later in September and into the fall, there were also strikes among hop-pickers and lumber mill workers, and we may visit these on their anniversaries.

Labor history's not the thing here, and you may know more about it.

Oregonian front page today

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