Sunday, September 29, 2019

Walk and Roll to School Day is Wednesday, October 2nd

Walk + Roll to School Day is Wednesday the 2nd.

If you have school age children, it's not too late to register. See the Oregon Safe Routes site and Street Trust for more information.

A back to school ad for a high-end bike on a credit plan
School also started later because of harvest
(September 27th, 1919)
With Safe Routes to School having a part-time staff presence in Salem now for a year and a half, and as they won a grant and start planning to implement a full-time staffer devoted to schools, it is interesting to see a little bit of growth in schools participating in the day.

Historically there have been four or five schools registered in the Salem-Keizer School District. (I've missed a few years, and it's possible the baseline is even higher now - but for a bit of optimism, we'll assume that it's not.)

This year, as of Saturday the 28th, there were six. So off that four-or-five school baseline, this may be a small increase. Still, there's plenty of room for growth! You can register here.
  1. Forest Ridge
  2. Grant
  3. Harritt
  4. JGEMS
  5. South Salem HS
  6. Washington
"Reviving" bicycling
It seems to be linked to English practices
(September 20th, 1919)

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