Thursday, February 11, 2021

Sneckdown Alert: Look for Excess Road Space in the Snow!

The weather forecasts sound like the main part of the storm will go farther north, with Portland and parts of Washington getting more snow than the mid- and southern parts of the Valley.

Yesterday, via twitter

Still, with more people at home in the Pandemic, it's an opportunity to walk around your neighborhood and document places with slack in the road space. As we think about a lower-carbon future better for walking and biking, there will be opportunities to reallocate road space, and documenting sneckdowns can be evidence in an argument that cars don't need as much space.

Here are some from years past. (The forthcoming restriping on Commercial Street will in fact employ buffered bike lanes and the plan confirms the slack in the current road.)

From the City traffic cameras, here on 12th & State:
Lanes could be narrower, corner bulbs even larger

South Commercial just north of Madrona - SJ video clip

See here and here for a little more more on our occasional snow and sneckdowns.

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