Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Story on New Keizer Drive-Thru Shows Autoist Subsidy and Omits Climate

Today's note about a new chain restaurant at Keizer Station gives direct evidence for ways our land use and planning induce demand and incentivize driving.

Maximizing "stacking" in the drive-thru

The proposal and changes with the City of Keizer's blessing include maximum "stacking in the drive-through line" and "increasing the amount of parking."

There apparently will also be "a pedestrian plaza" but that may be a euphemism, something really meant for outdoor dining and to accommodate people who have driven, not primarily to accommodate people who might walk, bike, or bus.

Altogether the site configuration and planning changes are designed to make it easier to drive. They induce driving and are an indirect subsidy for driving. We should be clear about how we are making driving the preferred transportation choice and are disadvantaging other transportation choices.

More than this, all stories now are climate stories. At this point food and restaurant stories should always be examined with a climate lens, especially stories about a drive-thru or drive-in component. We need to stop thinking about new auto-oriented drive-thru restaurants as if they were some wholly neutral thing, just background noise in development, small insignificant things, innocent of any implications for climate.

Front page, summer 2019

See "Burger Mania Looks Past Induced Travel and Emissions" from 2019 for more.

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