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Lausanne Hall and Valley Meat Packing Formally Open a Century Ago

The first week of February in 1921 brought two grand opening events and a third big reopening.

Though it has been running in a soft opening mode for a year, the Valley Packing Company formally opened on the third.

February 2nd, 1921

It was first announced January of 1919, and held a soft opening in January in 1920.

November 4th, 1919

During the first year of operation they constructed an expansion, and its completion seems to be the peg for this "grand opening."

January 31st, 1921

They noted that "twenty-five per cent of the products...go to Portland...the rest is supplied to southern Oregon and northern California." The products were chiefly hogs, up to 200 a day.

Dance in the slaughterhouse!
February 3rd, 1921

On the anniversary of the soft opening a year ago there was a note was in the paper. It is published with several photos from a 1940 open house on the Mill's site. It closed in 1962.

And Lausanne Hall at Willamette University held a public reception on the fourth. The next day the morning paper said "Crowds thronged the building...A deluge of Oregon mist did not disturb the Salem public."

February 4th, 1921

Announcement of New Lausanne Hall
October 19th, 1919

After its fire, the renovations for Waller Hall were also completed and it celebrated reopening with Lausanne's opening. The afternoon paper said that "out of it has been made one of the best college buildings in the northwest. The first floor is occupied by the chapel, equipped with 400 seats. The university library now occupies the entire second floor." Last summer, in part keyed to the merger with the Claremont School of Theology, Willamette announced a new remodel of Cone Chapel, originally dedicated in 1989. Waller Hall keeps being renewed each generation.

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