Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Urban Skyline on Commercial St Looks Great! Nursing Home site for Sale

With the nice weather and the New Holman Hotel soon to open, last night was a good early evening for a walk to check on it.

I was also checking in on the two-wayification of Court Street, but that's not quite done yet.

Turning the corner from Court to Commercial southbound, the skyline formed by Pioneer Trust, the Nishioka Building, and the New Holman Hotel was really delightful. A proper urban procession, and so very cheering.

New Holman Hotel, Nishioka Building, Pioneer Trust
Looking south-ish on Commercial Street near State

New Holman Hotel, Nishioka Building, Pioneer Trust
Looking north-ish on Commercial Street at Ferry

In context the hotel looks great! This is the midrise downtown Salem needs.

(Hopefully some time a real architectural photographer will get not just the hotel but the whole group in good light and with perspective control.)

Front page today

And it turns out the hotel was already open! It was nice to see it on the front page. When the restaurant opens later this spring, it will be great to see the new sidewalk life.

Just a couple blocks down it looks like the Nursing Home concept has been abandoned and the lot for sale. (See previously at the Planning Commission in April 2021.)

Nursing home lot at former Boise site for sale

This is old news, it turns out. Listings say it's been publicly for sale nearly 2/3 of a year already, and it's listed for $3.5 million.

The Nursing Home concept always seemed like a suboptimal use for the corner, and maybe now something with more public-facing elements, something to leverage the creek and proximity to Riverfront Park, something that might also enliven and complement the emptiness of the sculpture court, will be able to happen.

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