Monday, May 11, 2009

Council Considers Walkable Neighborhoods, Bike Lanes, and Electric Cars

Chickens are not the only matter of interest in the City Council agenda tonight! Integrating land use planning and transportation planning, as well as electric cars, are also on the docket.

Council will hold a public hearing on amending the Salem Area Comprehensive Plan. Designating "Activity Nodes and Corridors" will help create "walkable neighborhoods" more often and in more places. For analysis on the proposed bike lane benchmarks see last week's post. The updated staff report is here.

Also up is a proposal for a fleet of electric cars and a charging station. On the one hand this is great, but on the other - why aren't they buying more Eneloops? The anticipated annual mileage is only about 5000 miles. Many of the trips will be short enough for bikes! The city is funding their side through:
$59,600 - Downtown Parking Fund
$14,900 - City Services Fund (Fleets)
$9,313 - City Services Fund (Shops Facilities Maintenance)
$24,958 - Pringle Creek Urban Renewal District
There's also talk about funds from the Salmon Run lease.

It's too bad the EV grant can't be repurposed for electric assist bikes!

Also, the City was to hear the TGM grant awards this month, but we have heard the awards have been pushed out to mid-June.

(Photo: Thomas Patterson, Statesman Journal)

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