Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Under new Rules, State Proposes to Impound Bikes Improperly Parked

When you visit the Capitol, if you don't use these lousy racks, the State proposes to impound your bike. (Photo: Jonathan Maus / Bikeportland)

On Friday, May 15, between 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. there will be a hearing on proposed new administrative rules around parking at State offices. The hearing will be in the General Services Building, Mt. Mazama Conference Room, 1225 Ferry Street SE.

In the proposed rules are the following:

Lots of people lock up to parking signs because the racks are so bad. But soon that will be prohibited:
(D) Bicycles parked in any area designated for motor vehicle parking, or chained to signposts, stairwells, trees or other structures not designated for bicycle parking are subject to being removed at the owner's expense, without notice and impounded according to OAR 125-090-0150.
Let Odie Vogel (, Manager Parking and Commuting Services, know that you are concerned that there is not enough safe, highly visible, and high quality bike parking for this policy to work.

Without good bike parking, the policy will likely operate as a disincentive for bike parking and bike commuting. The State should be making it easier, not more difficult, to bike!


Rebekah said...

Well, that's just dumb! I don't see a lot of bikes just randomly tied up to things. I agree that there are a few abandoned bikes here and there, but maybe they should make a rule that says they can impound a bike if it's been parked somewhere for 30 days and it's an eyesore. That would take care of the real problem without hassling responsible bicyclists!

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

At the hearing we learned that the "bikes randomly tied up" problem is a Portland problem - where there are much larger numbers of bikers.

Still, bicyclists hadn't been visible to DAS Parking, and this rule change has brought us out of the woodwork! So it looks like the groundwork is in place for a very fruitful conversation and that there are realistic prospects for improved bike parking, both short-term for guests and building-to-building movement by employees, and longer term for commuters.

Though the DAS site hasn't been updated, the comment period has been extended to May 28th, so shoot Odie a note about your desire for improved bike parking!