Sunday, May 10, 2009

Legislative Update - Week 17 - Be Pedestrian, not Grand

Each $1M in highway projects creates about 45 jobs, but 1$M in bike or pedestrian projects creates about 65 jobs. The Governor proposes to throw billions at hypertrophied highway projects, while modest and waaaay more cost-effective bike and ped projects languish.

BTA-HQ asks you to let your legislator know how important - and how prevalent - are unfunded bike and ped projects. Find balance! Let's see the Golden Pioneer Dude hoist up a bike!

Bills Still Moving:

House Bill 2001 - The relevant developments are here.
House Bill 2106 - held work session
House Bill 2377 - Hearing and Work Session scheduled for Thursday, May 14
House Bill 2554 - held hearing

Work Session Information:

Thursday, May 14, 3:00 P.M., HR B
Public Hearing and Possible Work Session
HB 2377 A - Prohibits person of any age from operating motor vehicle while using mobile communication device except under certain circumstances.

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