Thursday, May 21, 2009

Last Chance on Transportation Bill?

1000 Friends of Oregon and the BTA yesterday sent out notice that House Bill 2001 was going sideways and morphing into an Eisenhower-era Highways bill. The original intent of the Jobs and Transportation Act was to present the beginnings of a balanced multi-modal approach to transportation planning and funding.

Some believe that the most powerful tool will be the development of "least cost planning." Still, projects like active transportation corridors and funding, and increasing the highway fund allocation for pedestrians and bikes, are out. Bikeportland offers a longer discussion.

As part of the 11th hour maneuvering, legislators created a new special committee, the Joint Special Committee on Transportation, and arranged for a hearing today. It will be at 5pm in hearing room F. They will follow with a work session tomorrow.

It is expected that this will be the last opportunity to testify on transportation. Tara Sulzen at 1000 Friends (503-497-1000 or email is coordinating testimony. Please let her know if you are interested in speaking on behalf of bicycling and bicycle infrastructure.

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Dad-Do said...

I ride this route every day - many times in heavy traffic.

I don't know if that is a wise placement of the lane with cars parked diagonally there. It will create a hazard for bikers and cars backing out.

Would it make sense to have the bike lane to the interior of the street (bordered on both sides by a traffic lane)? Or is that more dangerous?

Liberty might make more sense since a good portion of that is parallel parking. Though the bike shops are on Liberty.