Friday, September 4, 2009

David Byrne to Talk Bikes

David Byrne loves bikes! And he's coming to Portland to promote his new book, Bicycle Diaries. And three new talking heads will join him on stage to talk bike love!

Take your music-loving friends who maybe don't get bicycling, and introduce them to the wacky fun of bike love!

The publisher blurbs:
Since the early 1980s, David Byrne has been riding a bike as his principal means of transportation in New York City. Two decades ago, he discovered folding bikes and started taking them on tour. Byrne's choice was made out of convenience rather than political motivation, but the more cities he saw from his bicycle, the more he became hooked on this mode of transport and the sense of liberation it provided. Convinced that urban biking opens one's eyes to the inner workings and rhythms of a city's geography and population, Byrne began keeping a journal of his observations and insights.

An account of what he sees and whom he meets as he pedals through metropoles from Berlin to Buenos Aires, Istanbul to San Francisco, Manila to New York, Bicycle Diaries also records Byrne's thoughts on world music, urban planning, fashion, architecture, cultural dislocation, and much more, all conveyed with a highly personal mixture of humor, curiosity, and humility. Part travelogue, part journal, part photo album, Bicycle Diaries is an eye-opening celebration of seeing the world from the seat of a bike.
The event will be at the Baghad Theater and will have a panel discussion with Mia Birk of Alta Planning and Design, Jonathan Maus of BikePortland, and Timo Forsberg of City of Portland Transportation Options Division and prime mover of Shift and Breakfast on the Bridges. Tickets are $26 and include a copy of the book. Tickets are available at the Bagdad Theater box office, the Crystal Ballroom box office,, and all Ticketmaster outlets.

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