Monday, September 14, 2009

DaVinci's Disappearing Bike Rack

Folks who bike up High Street by the Elsinore on their way south may notice a bike rack in front of Davinci Ristorante.

Later, after the cafe tables and seating appear on the sidewalk in the late afternoon and early evening, bicyclists might wonder where the bike rack went.

A table hides the bike rack! The table is cleverly designed to use the bike rack as a structural element. If your school days aren't too distant, and you can dredge up your Euclid, you'll recall three points determine a plane. Here, the rigidity of the rack supports the surface of a table by two points only! It really is a clever arrangement.

Salem Revised Code appears to be silent on this. It may be perfectly legal.

At the same time, it is gross abuse of a bike rack!

If you patronize DaVinci's, bike there, and lock up. Let 'em know you use and count on that rack!

1 comment:

Stephanie Matlock Allen said...

That's awfully clever ~ and infuriating! Sidewalk tables help create vibrancy downtown, but so do bike racks!