Thursday, September 24, 2009

Three Bits of Good Bike News! Eneloops, 17th & Market, and State Parking

Salem scoops Interbike!

Remember the Mayor's ride on the Eneloop? (And at City Council here.) Well, here are the Eneloop's in action on daily business! What, two you ask? Yes, Willamette University also has one. City staff and Willamette University staff rode to a lunch meeting today instead of driving. How great is that!

Sanyo launched the bike yesterday at the big national trade show Interbike. But Salem's been using them for months already!

In another piece of good bike news, the work at 17th and Market NE is almost complete, and the missing chunk of bike lane at the intersection is now appearing! This is great to see.

This image is almost one block south of the intersection looking north.

And this view is just north of the intersection looking north and the transition to the narrower roadway.

Thank you Kevin & Julie and everyone else at the City!

Finally, a follow-up to the mid-July meeting with the Department of Administrative Services on bike parking on the Capitol Mall. Linda Penick, who is managing the process, writes that after the meeting she was:
going to start replacing the "wheel benders" in the mall area and continue to phase out other unacceptable bike racks. So that is what I have done. I ordered 45 new bike racks (several weeks ago - shortly after our meeting) and should have them any day. The company said six to eight weeks for delivery. So as soon as we receive the racks, O&M staff will be installing them. I am starting at Revenue Building and then we will work my way around the area based on the map targeting the unacceptable rack locations we discussed at the meeting.
This is terrific progress in improving bike parking at State offices!


Brooke said...

Any updates? I work in the Agriculture building-still an old rack there. Most folks that park outside lock up to the railing. I can park in a locked area in the underground parking, but would have to pay a yearly fee...

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Thanks for the reminder! I think some of the racks have been installed at the highest-need sites, but I haven't checked in on them. Look for an update in the next couple of weeks!