Sunday, July 25, 2010

Better Biking: One-Quarter of Statesman's 20 Under 40 Want It

Today the Statesman released their Salem 20 under 40.

In interviews earlier, fully 25% of them talked about the importance of bicycling and wish it were easier to bicycle in Salem.

How great would it be if 25% of Salem trips could be made by bike! That's about 15 times what our current "mode share" for bicycle trips is, and that would very cheaply solve Salem's traffic congestion problems! It would also help with community health and climate change.

Clearly bicycling is more important to future community leaders than the current crop of leaders themselves think.

Anyway, a tip of the cap and helmet to:

Angela Yeager
Elizabeth Miller
Evann Remington
Kat Franken
Khela Singer-Adams

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