Friday, July 23, 2010

Keizer Rapids Park Needs More and Better Bike Parking

Keizer Rapids Park is already pretty sweet, and as it gets built out it's going to be a regional gem. Already the dog park, amphitheater, frisbee golf course, and trails are significant attractions. (Here's some history!)

Connectivity is a problem, as the park is walled off from the neighborhood by fences and private property, and the only street in is Chemawa, which even though it dead-ends is still a bit busy and narrow.

Fortunately, Keizer City Council just approved the final bit of planning for improvements to Chemawa that will include bike lanes and sidewalks!

Less fortunate, however, is the initial installation of bike parking.

At the Frisbee golf course it appears that at least during the summer there is steady demand for bike parking. This is taken at the trailhead and starting tee for the course. There's a gravel auto lot, but no bike parking.

Meanwhile, over at the amphitheater, an obsolete "wheel-bender" style bike rack has been installed! When there's no concert or other event at the amphitheater, bicyclists don't appear to be using this rack - with good reason, since it is not a good rack! (For more on good bike parking see the APBP Bicycle Parking Guidelines.)

The park's use will just grow and grow, and hopefully the City of Keizer can make it even easier to bike to the park!

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