Thursday, July 1, 2010

Transit Mall and Parking Garage Relocation Provides Opportunities

The Courthouse Square fiasco is demoralizing - but it also provides opportunities for change!

If you have been wondering about taking your bike on the bus, Cherriots is using a bus for their customer service office. The bus has a bike rack, and presents an easy, low-stress environment in which to practice placing your bike in the rack and taking it out of the rack. So take it for a test-drive and then take advantage of multi-modal trip flexibility!

As for staff who work at Courthouse Square, news today is that the parking garage and bus mall will be closed for 60 days. Staff who park in the garage will be offered space at Willamette University, whose lots are quiet for the summer.

This is an excellent opportunity for Salem City staff, County staff, and Cherriots staff to seize! The time is ripe to grow the culture of car-pooling, bussing, walking, and biking! Use this disruption creatively and help people create some new greenhouse gas friendly habits.

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Stephanie Matlock Allen said...

I've noticed how easily Court Street has absorbed being turned into a bus mall. Three lanes seems like overkill for that road - perhaps when the buses are done, they could turn the third lane into a bike path instead of a traffic lane! :)