Tuesday, July 6, 2010

For the Birds Benefit & Connecting the Dots

The Salem Art Association Project Space will be holding a terrific benefit for the wildlife harmed by the Gulf oil disaster.

It's called "Benefit for the Birds."

It's also a DIY project - purchase a small canvas, create your own art, donate it back, and then it will be sold at a gala.

Sounds great!

But how much oil will be consumed as part of it?

Most people will drive cars to and from the events. Some of the art will involve petroleum as well. (We're not talking non-petrol oil paint here, but it's also worth considering the environmental nastiness of many chemicals used in making art, from solvents to toxic pigments).

If the project does nothing to address the underlying cause of the oil disaster - our insatiable demand for cheap petroleum products - does the project reduce the likelihood of future disaster? Certainly, it does not address the longer-term problem of carbon dioxide.

Salem Art Association, is there something we can we do to connect more of the dots here? This is a great project, but it only goes part way!

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