Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Eugene's New Bridge, Vancouver's New Bike Plan

Being a slow news week, here's a couple of interesting bits from neighboring communities. Eugene has a sweet new bridge for walking and biking across a busy highway and Clark County has a new bike plan for Vancouver and its suburbs.

It's not exactly a Calatrava knock-off, but it sure is pretty with the lights!

Here's the OBEC site, the same engineering firm for the Minto bridge, and more on cable-stayed bridges.

(h/t BikePortland)

Also, just across the Columbia, Clark County has a new Bike Plan. In many ways Vancouver and Clark County are more like Salem and Marion County than Portland and Multnomah County. In an article on BikePortland, Michael Anderson plays the compare and contrast game with the Portland Master Plan. It's an interesting read.

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