Sunday, April 17, 2011

In the Sunday Paper

The Sunday paper has a couple of things worth noting. Local Racer and Executive Director of the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association Kenji Sugahara has a little feature in the business section.

That's nice to see!

And on the front page is an article about Go Downtown and the downtown Economic Improvement District.

With the mobility study and everything else going on, it certainly seems like there's an opportunity to reshape downtown into something more vital, diverse, exciting, and profitable.

(On the other hand, this is exactly the mission of Vision 2020, and it's not like that project is going gang-busters with momentum. People often seem to want change in general and in the abstract, but to shrink from any specific changes.)

The online article also links to the staff reports and other documents around the Economic Improvement District.

Many of the online comments focus on parking, as you'd expect - that's another discussion, but it's worth noting that so many of the comments have to do with transportation. The one-way grid, transit, congestion, parking, all are implicated in the problem and the solutions.

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