Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Brings Biking Opportunities for School Kids

Every spring Robert Fox uses the curriculum of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance to teach Bike Safety Education.

After 10 hours of class time and parking lot drills, the students go out on a five mile community ride on their neighborhood streets.

Here Fox starts with instruction in the classroom.

Volunteers from the Salem Bicycle Club, local BTA members, and local racing clubs, as well as interested parents and teachers, lead small groups of five or six students as they practice signaling, turning, stopping, and navigating around traffic.

Everybody has a blast, and the students learn important bike handling and safety skills.

This year the AC Gilbert House will also host Bike Safety Education classes. It will happen in first week in July, so look for more information later this spring!

(Bike Safety photos: Sage Freeman, Capitol Velo in Salem, OR.)

Celebrate Earth Day with a Bike Train

Bike trains are a great way for kids to bike to school. The trains have adult conductors and cabooses, can accommodate a range of ages and skill levels, and offer healthy, active transportation options.

Daniel Evans, a parent at Hammond Elementary school, is organizing their own bike train! And they need volunteers. If you're an interested parent of a Hammond Elementary student, hit the volunteer page.

The first train ride will happen this Friday, on Earth Day. What a great way to celebrate!

Walk + Bike Challenge Month

May is Walk + Bike Challenge Month! Is your school signed up?

Check the map to find out! If not you can register here.

View 2011 Walk + Bike Challenge Schools in a larger map

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