Thursday, October 20, 2011

City to Repair Cut-through to River Road South

Remember the blind corner and narrow clearances of the cut-through from Miller St S to River Rd S? Of course you do!

As part of the $100M Keep Salem Moving road bond, the city is allocating $15,000 for repairs.

According to the City:
We are currently recommending a project to modify the connection from Miller Street to River Road pathway Streets and Bridges Bond funding (as part of Missing Sidewalks and Bike Lanes to Schools and Parks). This will be presented to Council in a public hearing on November 14th.

The width of the path along River Road is not likely to change given the physical constraints of the cliff, landslides, and railroad track. Improving the path surface...would [not] be a good use of federal funding since the path would require significant design exceptions.
The City hopes to identify funds to repair the path along River Road at some future time.

The rest of the $1.2M allocated for sidewalks and bike lanes will go to sidewalk repair and construction:
  • Baxter Road SE @ Reed Lane SE (northwest corner of intersection)
  • Boone Road SE (Chan Street to Liberty Road)
  • Ellis Avenue NE (Reedy Drive to Savage Road)
  • Felina Avenue NE West of Hawthorne (north side)
  • Gerth Avenue NW and 9th Street NW (west side between 8th Street and 9th Street, and east side between 8th Street and Walker Middle School Driveway)
  • Hayesville Dr NE (north side of street, east of 12th Street)
  • Marshall Drive SE (north side or street east of 12th Street)
  • Onyx Street NW @ Chapman Hill Drive NW (along both frontages of north east corner vacant lot)
  • Pringle Road SE (Georgia Avenue to Morningside Court)
  • Simpson Street SE @ 25th Street SE (east Minor and west side of 25th Street across old Arterial railroad property)
  • Tanoak Avenue SE (across from Ginwood Local Court)
  • Weathers Street NE (south side, west of Weathers Park)

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Doug's Transportation Ramblings said...

At one level, this is good news. The corner is an incredible hazard that has festered for years. It is about time something was done.

However, this also is a classic example of the city's willingness to half-ass about everything to do with bikes and peds. They spend millions making streets worse for bikes and peds with their so called "intersection improvements." Then they spend a pittance in making walking and bicycling safe and convenient.

The entire path is a disaster. The surface is and has been in poor shape. The southern half of the path is at street grade level, essentially creating a bike lane. What are cyclists supposed to do -- cross River Rd at the end of the raised portion or ride the wrong way on a bike path?