Saturday, October 1, 2011

Learn About and Build Mountain Biking Trails October 14th & 15th

The focus here at B on B is Salem city bicycling, commuting, and transportation. Utility cycling rather than recreational cycling.

But with the shift to fall, maybe it's time to mix it up a little, do something new!

Out past Falls City is the Black Rock trail system. BRMBA, the Black Rock Mountain Bike Association, is one of the area's great resources for off-road and trail bicycle recreation. The trail system they've built is pretty grand, and it's recognized far outside the State.

The system is going to get richer now with the projects of the Salem Area Trail Alliance. They're starting with a trail system at Spring Valley State Park, just south of the Wheatland Ferry, and in two weeks they're kicking off the project with a series of seminars, socials, and trail-building.

Registration is necessary, so see the SATA note for details.

Mountain biking is an important ingredient for a healthy and diverse bike ecosystem. Just look at the way the Oakridge Chamber of Commerce is behind "the Mountain Biking Capital of the Northwest"! If you're interested in working on the project or in just learning more, register and attend!

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Salem Area said...

Thank you, Eric. Registration is not necessary but appreciated! Some sections of our proposed system will indeed facilitate City/utilitarian riding. The City itself is the hub of our system; without sensible infrastructure that brings folks to the trail heads the SGT will never be more than a bunch of disconnected recreational trails...not what we are aiming for!!