Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Council Votes to Vacate Alley; Retains Interest in a Connection

Most of you will know by now that Council voted to proceed with the vacation of the remnant alley.

This is very disappointing.

City Councilor Brad Nanke
At least there was some honesty about it! Just before voting for vacation, Councilor Nanke said
We keep crushing their hopes. Let's get done with this and find another alternative.
Summing up her feelings before voting against the vacation Councilor Blasi said
I'll continue to work for you, and look for an option and to work with staff...This won't be the end of it.
City Councilor Sheronne Blasi
Councilor Tesler also voted against it. All others voted in favor.

The majority sentiment seemed to be reflected by Councilor Clem: "This door [for the alley and cemetery] was closed 7 years ago."

So we'll see. Community sentiment seems largely in favor of a connection. If the adjacent neighborhoods are passionate about it, maybe that will encourage staff and electeds to put some muscle behind the effort.

As for a particular alignment through Pioneer Cemetery:  1)  I think the City is wrong to vacate the alley before settling on an alignment.  2)  I think most of the objections to an alignment through Pioneer Cemetery are not well founded.  3)  I still think that, notwithstanding the fact that Pioneer Cemetery is a public park, the geography of City View Cemetery is better suited for a connection than Pioneer Cemetery.

If a mutually agreeable alignment (and improvements, compensation, whatever is agreed upon) can be negotiated with City View, at the end of an agonizing and protracted process, we might find ourselves with the optimal outcome.

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