Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pedalpalooza's up North, but Think about Salem too!

I hate to plug the bike fun import* business, but right now our neighbors to the north have the market cornered!

So two things: If you're headed north, be sure to take your bikes and check out the day's activities in June for Pedalpalooza.

More importantly, even though we seem to be getting into a bit of another June-uary, what bike fun would you like to help create?

If you're looking for guidance the Portland Bicycle Transportation Alliance has made 20 ride picks, from Comic Books to Cargo Bikes. In the Mercury, Sarah Mirk's story on "How to Survive Pedalpalooza," offers another take.

But what about here in Salem?

Saturday's "ride in" to Venti's is a great start. Kidical Mass will have a family-friendly bike train to it from Bush Park!

Are there other rides you'd like to organize? Rides you'd like to help out on? Rides you'd just like to do and want to suggest to someone else to organize?

* Import, right? Portlanders create the fun and Salemites sometimes consume it and spend associated tourist dollars in Portland. We need home-industry and bike fun exports!

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Anonymous said...

We need an active/alternative form of transportation festival. Like Davinci Days in Corvallis. There again money spent out of town.