Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wait! Marquis meet Breitenbush: Why isn't the Care Facility talking OSH North Campus?

So there are doubtless a whole lotta complicating details - cost, schedule, asbestos abatement, etc., etc., etc....

But why aren't we at least talking about Marquis Companies reusing the existing health care facilities the State wants to sell off as surplus at the State Hospital?

The people on right are walking along Front Street!
The first thing that comes to mind is the Belluschi building, Breitenbush Hall. Visually it half-rhymed with the proposed building by CB|Two. Why not reuse a building by a modernist icon already configured for hospital services?

Half of Belluschi's Breitenbush Hall - A shallow strip, super wide
And if that building required too much modification, there are at least three other similar buildings on the north campus that are not as architecturally distinguished and could totally be gutted and reconfigured in adaptive reuse!

McKenzie Hall (pictured), Yaquina, Santiam, and Eola
are low-priority for preservation
There should be more discussion of this!  Maybe it's a non-starter, but it would be good to learn more about the reasons why.  And if there's something to the idea, let's see more consideration of it.

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