Friday, February 1, 2013

DIY Street Design Now Possible at Streetmix!

This is amazingly cool. Do-it-yourself, drag-and-drop streetscape editing! From home and interior decorating to the street.

One of the Proposed State Street Configurations
Now it's easy to go head-to-head with recalcitrant engineers and retrograde road design! All you need is the road width and you can mock up your own lane configuration, complete with bike lanes and sidewalks.

Equally, and less contentiously, at an early stage in scoping and design on road projects, the City should consider setting up interactive stations and asking people directly to design the kind of street they'd like to see. It would be really neat to push this element of conceptual design out to users. 

The Streetmix project's still in beta, and it doesn't look like you can adjust lane widths for now - but who needs 11, 12, even 13 foot wide traffic lanes!  10 foot wide should be enough!

More features and more flexible design elements are sure to come.   Cheers to Code for America for developing this!

(via Atlantic Cities)

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