Friday, March 1, 2013

Statesman Journal to tackle I-5 Bridge on Sunday: Watch Rep. Lew Frederick's Speech First

Representative Lew Frederick represents North and Northeast Portland at the State Legislature. The CRC bridge and its connecting highway widening would pass through much of his district. He voted no and explains why.

Here's an animated analysis of many of the issues. It's 11 minutes long.

Here's an animated gif to show the scale.

BikePortland's CRC Bridge Animation - Janzen Beach area
Willamette Week
And finally, don't miss the Willamette Week story on the bridge and the hardball politics behind it.

(There will be more over the weekend in the legislative roundup.)


Anonymous said...

Steve Duin quoting former Governor Vic Atiyeh (R):

'The Columbia River Crossing?

"We're not in good shape and we're going to build another bridge? It's insane," Atiyeh argues. "And it's a fantasy that they think they're going to take care of the traffic."'

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Thanks! I see Duin has another piece, this one on Treasurer Ted Wheeler:

"The Legislature is moving at the speed of light, for reasons only they can explain," Ted Wheeler said Monday, shortly after the Senate rushed out the funding package on an 18-11 vote. "There's a financial process to analyze this, and the Legislature bypassed it.

"We move on a different schedule. The bill doesn't say I'm a rubber stamp. I'm not."

Hopefully this is not merely posturing.