Thursday, June 23, 2016

Contribute a Route to v2.0 of Wander Walks Map!

And here's yet more pleasant map news this week. This time it's for travel on foot.

Wander Walks Salem Map 1.0
Cherriots and the WVP Health Authority are collaborating on Wander Walks 2.0, a new edition of the walking map for the Salem area.

The first version, 1.0 we'll call it, at least from here seemed to have too many routes that used busy streets and thus it did not seem optimized for the experience of walking itself. It was also centered on downtown and not necessarily on interesting routes that might be near residential neighborhoods, nearer where you live and might want to walk. There was an implied autoism, then, with these as destination walks to which you drive. One reason for the focus might have been that it was authored by a group of international MBA students. While they brought fresh eyes to Salem and to the project, they also may not have had enough local knowledge about walking here. There's always trade-offs. Crucially, their participation and the institutional support behind it meant the project did actually get completed.

So with the most difficult work of a first edition completed, projects like this are easy to iterate with follow-on editions. Now that the print run is gone, it's time for a revision.

From Just Walk:
In partnership with WVP Health Authority and Cherriots - Salem Keizer Transit, we’re recruiting volunteers to design unique walking routes through several parts of the city. These “Wander Walks” will be printed on colorful new neighborhood maps later this year and distributed throughout the region.

This is your chance to be creative while helping people get to know their local area better and connect to resources like playgrounds, parks, community gardens, and Little Free Libraries.

There’s no long-term commitment, and you can choose the length of your walk—all abilities are welcome. You can map your route alone or with a friend. There are no high-tech skills required: we’ll show you everything you need to do. All you bring is a willingness to head out and scout the neighborhood!

To sign up to volunteer, please email Jeanine Stice with WVP Health Authority at
This will be a great way to tap into that local knowledge base.

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