Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Man Drives into Home, Kills Sleeping Resident

This is especially terrible. You'd think a home and its walls would offer more protection than a sidewalk or crosswalk. You think you are safe there, but not necessarily.

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Cars are dangerous, full stop.

"Dangerous instrumentality" - They knew in 1921!
From the newspaper:
Alan Patrick Jacobs, 54, was driving his 2015 Mercedes SUV southbound on Volcano St SE when he drove off the roadway, according to a statement released by Salem Police Department.

Jacobs continued southbound instead of following the road east onto Sussex Ave....

Srabonti Haque, 36, was asleep in a bedroom of her residence...and was struck [and killed] around 9:25 p.m.
Volcano is a steep downhill and ends in a bulb
with a left-turn onto Sussex
(house and crash site circled)
This will be discussed as some aberrant thing, an exception, but people crash into stationary objects off the road altogether too often. See the extraordinary list here. It's long. Cars are dangerous, full stop.

Drove into the DQ at 3:30am on Christmas (and more)

Failed the driving test: December 2016
The house on Sussex was built a little over a decade ago as part of the Creekside development, and it would be interesting to learn if speeding on this hill has been a frequent problem. There is evidence that nearby on Mildred speeding has been an issue. Mildred is a "minor arterial" and built to a three lane cross section with two through-lanes and a center turn pocket. Its wideness induces zoomy travel, even "hill hopping." Volcano might also be too wide, and the remnant cul-de-sac bulb might induce higher speeds. Maybe it needs a chicane or something here.

Perhaps there will be more to say later as more is reported on the story.

Killed in 2016:
Killed in 2015:

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