Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Update on the Baggage Depot Looks to Correct some History

There's a very nice note on transportation history on the front page today!

Second depot, circa 1913: The north wing had an open canopy
(via Statesman-Journal and Ed Austin)
Capi Lynn writes an update on the research that is part of the old baggage depot restoration going on just south of the train station.

As a meta-instance of media it is amusing, also. On a sheet of newsprint, there is a scan of an old piece of paper, perhaps old newsprint as well, on which the article and photo seems to be printed. (Of course here on the blog, it is another generation removed!) That tactile simulacra is very nice, but the gallery of photos online probably makes that a better medium than newsprint in the end.

But that's hardly important.

1905 Birdseye map of depot area, Library of Congress
Thos. Kay Woolen Mill, Depot, Yew School (L to R)
The research has turned up there are a number of minor inaccuracies that have crept into the stories we tell about the depot and its history! In particular, we have been talking about the wrong number and dates for fires at the depot. They also turned up evidence for a large water tank that we've forgot about.

Similar interpretive panel at the Union St Railroad Bridge
The research will in part go towards a series of interpretive panels that will be part of the restoration. Hopefully there will also be a separate publication with a more detailed narrative as well.

Check out the article!

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