Tuesday, December 26, 2017

TransitCenter Publishes Field Guide for City Leaders

The cover is perhaps a little underwhelming, but a recent TransitCenter publication is very interesting. "All Transportation is Local: A Field Guide for City Leaders" looks like something that could be a basic text for the City Council Public Transit Committee as well as the new bridgehead congestion Committee:
This handbook outlines practical steps that local elected officials can take right away to improve their transportation systems and make their cities better places to live, work, and visit. This how-to guide has four sections. “How to Make the Most of Your Time in Office” and “Alliances That Get Results” deal with the human dimensions of leadership, and “Make the Most of Your Infrastructure” and “Rewrite the Rules to Boost Growth, Not Traffic” deal with the physical and policy dimensions. No single formula fits every single jurisdiction, so elements from each of these sections can be selected as appropriate to your own circumstances. The important part is to find the combination of recommendations that work best for you and your residents.
Cherriots' own consultant also recommends it:

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Anyone, not just Electeds, interested in Salem transportation would probably find something of use in it. So if you're looking for some transportation policy reading over the break, you might consider this!

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