Saturday, October 27, 2018

Airport Stories miss on Climate and History of Failure for Subsidies

Back in June, about the time we we in the middle of the cyanotoxins and drinking water crisis, the Chamber and its allies floated a proposal for subsidizing commercial service at the airport.

This week, it looks like the Chamber is cranking up the propaganda machine for another round.

Today's front page,
chart and comment added
A couple of days ago Salem Reporter had a very sympathetic and rather one-sided piece about it, "Salem businesses in pursuit of commercial airliner."

Today's front-pager, also largely sympathetic, frames it up as rivalry - and fear of missing out - with the Aurora airport.

Both pieces minimize the full history of subsidy and failure for commercial service to Salem and, even worse, both pieces utterly miss on climate, passing on any discussion at all.

Editorial and inset article from June of this year

In June this
started things
Back in June, the paper editorialized, "As Salem grapples with drinking water issues and finding a solution to low-income housing, expanded airport service should not be a priority."

That's right. And they should add grappling with carbon dioxide to the list.

Cutting back on air travel is something we are going to have to do, and if we are serious about a greenhouse gas inventory and a climate action plan, not expanding the Salem airport is the right choice.

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