Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Salem wins Safe Routes to Parks Grant

Parks in South Salem from the 2013 Parks Master Plan
Here's some good news. The Safe Routes to School National Partnership announced a round of "Safe Routes to Parks Activating Communities" grants, and Salem is on it!

This will be interesting to watch. SLF has managed Open Streets Salem the last year and they are a faith-based group. The announcements for other cities also have photos, and it's a little hard to say what all the project will entail.

The grant is for $12,500 if I understand it, and it's hard to imagine they'd spread this over all 30-some parks. It seems likely a subset of five or so will get special focus. But maybe there's a different approach here.

This is all very preliminary and it will be exciting to watch!

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Mike said...

We weren't so lucky in Keizer even though we have the need.