Saturday, August 29, 2009

Scenes from the Fair Parade

The rains held off and lots of people turned out for the State Fair Parade yesterday! Gary rides with his son.

The route left the Fair at 6pm and trailed all along Sunnyview. Alex is towards the front with the A-frame. Estimates for the number of bicyclists ranged bewteen 50 and 100 and seemed to center on 75.

On the Capitol Mall, and throughout the way, Salem police stop cross-traffic.

Here's a turn they helped with.

Some great bikes came along! With the great ape hangers, Dave rides with his daughter.

Alex thanks riders and sponsors and introduces the judges.

Beth, one of the Pedal Pushers, celebrates the ribbon for bike choreography. They kept a "western" theme going from the Monmouth-Independence Day Parade.

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