Saturday, August 15, 2009

Yay for Burgerville! - Don't Forget T-Horse & Swap

Burgerville continues to be one of the coolest companies around.

The latest? Sanity at the drive-through.

As bicyclists we want sometimes to use the drive-though bank teller or want a milkshake or drink from the drive-through at a restaurant. Legally we are vehicles. But we get the run-around because of phantom liability concerns.

Earlier this week a Burgerville customer got booted from the drive-through. She complained. Burgerville listened. And yesterday announced a new corporate policy:
Opening up our drive-thrus to the large cycling community in our area is a natural for us and is very much in line with our overall values.
The Oregonian has the full story here.

Hopefully other businesses with drive-through windows will observe its success and lack of problems. More generally, hopefully all businesses will see how a mainstream company understands that bikes are good for business.

(Did you know Salem used to have a Burgerville? Now the closest one is in Monmouth. It's time we had one!)

Also, don't forget about the T-Horse and garden swap today at 1pm.

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