Monday, September 20, 2010

$21M in "Flex Funds" Available for Multi-Modal Non-Highway Projects

ODOT just announced details on a grant cycle for $21M in
Multimodal and Non-highway Transportation Projects, Programs and Services: Transit, Bicycle, Pedestrian, TDM, and the planning, research and project development that supports those projects, as well as related programs and services.
According to the release
Projects will be evaluated in part based on how they respond to the following criterion.
A. Connectivity, integration and overall benefit to the transportation system
1. Plans for/contributes to the development of a “seamless” multimodal transportation system.
2. Plans for/connects modes or serves multiple modes.
3. Completes/extends a critical system or modal link.
4. Reduces the need for a highway expansion.
5. Helps preserve a critical non-highway facility, service or program.
6. Enhances the user experience.
B. Sustainability
1. Plans for/contributes to improved environmental quality (i.e. GHG Reductions).
2. Plans for/contributes to the use of sustainable energy sources for transportation.
3. Plans for congestion mitigation/mitigates congestion.
4. Plans for/contributes to the development of livable communities.
5. Supports/preserves/creates long term employment.
6. Reduces Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT).
C. Mobility, Access and Health
1. Plans for/expands transportation choices for all Oregonians.
2. Plans for/expands/protects mobility for public transportation dependent users.
3. Plans for/extends access to good and services.
4. Plans for/links workers to jobs.
5. Contributes to a healthy, active lifestyle.
6. Reduces exposure of the population to air pollutants.
RiverCrossing Alternative Modes for the win! The study makes "24 Transportation System Management (TSM) recommendations and 20 Transportation Demand Management (TDM) recommendations to help reduce SOV [drive-alone] travel over the Willamette River in Salem."

Project applications are due in November.

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