Thursday, September 23, 2010

Salem Weekly Cargo Bike at Work

Maybe the cargo bike with the longest history of use in Salem is the Salem Weekly Wagon.

While biking through downtown yesterday - there was publisher AP out doing his delivery in front of Wild Pear and Cooke's!

The cargo trike carries much more than a person, is easy for the frequent stops along the block face for delivery to retail racks and street-side boxes, and is maximally low-carbon.

That's a win!


Shanan said...

I was just talking yesterday about how fun the big trikes look, prompted by a trike and trailer from Naked Juice outside my office window yesterday.

But isn't he riding on the sidewalk in a part of downtown that doesn't allow bike riding on the sidewalk?

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Salem's sidewalk ordinance does prohibit bicycling on the sidewalk downtown.

There are exceptions - like police, for example. Just as freight deliveries can block the bike lane temporarily, bike freight delivery at a walking pace on the sidewalk seems even more benign. If it's not a legal exception, it should be!

And it since AP is downtown a lot, I have to believe the police would cite or warn him if he were biking in an impermissible way.